Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Simple Life?

Why on earth did I make the URL of my blog "the simple life?"
There is absolutely nothing in my life that is simple.
Plus its kinda lame.

Oh well. To late now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let the Winter Begin!

Today was our first day of snow! I kept waiting to go to the library until the snow stops, until I remembered last winter....the snow never stops here.
But I have always loved the first snow of the season. I think it is so beautiful and I love getting all bundled up. I am currently sitting by a window in the library watching a ton of people pass sticking their tongues out to catch snowflakes--both kids and adults. It makes me smile. :)

Anyway, I am finally going to upload pictures of my apartment for my mom. Sorry it took me so long.
And lastly, only 1 1/2 semesters left of school for the rest of my life! Crazy...but so exciting. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sorry Mom.

Well, I'm back. Back in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Back in School. Back into land of stressors and stresseeze. I have moved into a new little duplex. Its old, but quiant. I dont have internet, so i have to mooch off of the public library or the schools library. The public library is closer, so thats usually what I do. $30 bucks a month is not worth it when i can drive 5 min. down the street.

Now, I told my mom 3 weeks ago I would put a video of my apartment on my blog.

Trust me Mom, I have tried.

Attempt 1. I took a video. Really, I did. But, after an hour and it was STILL was uploading, I decided that it was not worth my time and pictures would be almost as good.

Attempt 2. I took pictures instead and went to the library. I brought the camera....forgot the cord that connects it to the computer.

Attempt 3. Brought the cord...forgot the camera.

I am seriously loosing my mind. My whole world revolves around peridontiums, tooth structures, treatment plans, medications, radiographs, Anesthesia, and much more. So before you laugh at my stupidity, just remember, I am doing good to even remember to upload my blog. So sorry mom, you probably wont get that video for another month when I can find time to go to the library and blog again.

Until then, pray for my sanity. Adieu and adieu.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I have some pretty rocking news...I am half way done with school! Yes...only 2 more semesters until I am done with school for life! I cant wrap my head around it.

Because I am half way done, I am home for summer. Its really nice to do nothing...but its already starting to get old. To bad all of my friends either have lives or not in Utah. Sadness.

I wish I had something else really exciting to Blog about, but I really i will close with a bit of advice. Listen to the song "enchanted" by Taylor swift (or Owl City). I am obessed. I am usually not one to ever follow celebrity couples...but I have become attached to this almost-romance.

Anyway. Thats my spill. Maybe next time I will blog about something a little more exciting. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Summer For Me.

Behold...The Hail of Wyoming. The weather here never ceases to amaze me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Wyoming Fireworks

I knew Fourth of July would be pretty dang cool in Wyoming, but now i am leaning more the the word....EPIC. Not only can you buy anything your little heart desires legally, but everybody and their dog buys them too.
Then the whole state of wyoming piles together in a shooting site and lights them all off. It was truely amazing! With every step there is a firework bursting 5 feet above your head; and you think THAT gets your heart stopped/racing...until you get the ashes AND FIRE falling on your head.
At the same time, thousands of fireworks are being skyrocketed 40 feet in the air simultaneously, and sends the sky into an incredible neon ablaze.
I am doing a crappy job explaining the thrill, so its something that you will just have to experience.

Despite the large fires in the dry grass, fireworks shooting at cars and people, and the thousands of pyro-maniacs, it was definately the best firework experience of my life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Cold Stone

So tonight me and Zack went to Cold stone. As our Ice cream was being made, Zack casually asked the guy "hey how much is an ice cream sandwhich?" The guys aid "well for the box its 9 dollars, but heck, I will give you a box on the house!" In shock, Zack began rejecting his kind offer because it was just too good to be true; until i cut him off saying "Zack...just accept the box!" So we got a Gotta Have It, and a box of delicious Ice cream Cookies for 4.75. What a steal right?

Zack's theory is that the guy was the manager. My theory is that it was the guys last day and just didnt care. Either way, we love cold stone. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Baby

This is my baby bird. Yes, MY baby bird. And its even cuter in real life.
He became my little pet when he tumbled out of his nest and crashed onto my driveway. I almost ran over him because he was so teeny-tiny I thought he was a rock. Upon getting out of my car and further examination i found that he was just a little ball of feathers. I fell in love with him.
Zack was kind enough to move him into my grass using a dust pan. Now he is big enough to move, he is a little hopper. In fact, he is currently he is hopping behind my window begging his mommy to feed him.

Exibit A: The begging.....look hard.

Then she does. The picture below was about 2 seconds too late of her feeding him. Then she flew away. I might be obsessed with this little bird to the point of weirdness. Nobody else would grow this attached to a bird. But heck, it gives me something to smile about every day, so I am ok with it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Times

Recently have been getting fairly impatient with my fellow bloggers. I noticed that nobody seems to update their blog anymore. I expressed my concerns to Zack, and he pointed out that I have been neglecting my little blog just as badly as everybody else. So, i figured it was time that I update it. Now the rest of you have to too. :)

So here what we have been up too here in Cheyenne: The weather has been improving. Sometimes. The daily snow has turned into daily rain, but every once in a while we get days full of sunshine and are just BEAUTIFUL. A couple of Saturday's ago was one of these days. Me and Zack had a fun day at the park including playing volleyball, frisbee, a picnic, and we even flew kites. The few pictures that I managed to snap were less than flattering of either of us, so you get the picture of the picnic basket instead.
And then there was Easter. It was rough not being able to celebrate easter with our families, but we tried to make the best of it. We dyed easter eggs and hid a few of our own for the other person to find. Below are pictures of our little easter egg hunt:

Oh, and what would Easter Sunday be without an inspiring Sunday at Church?
Behold the actual dying of the eggs themselves. That was probably my favorite part.

Overall, it was pretty good Easter. I guess life in Cheyenne is growing on me after all. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Term...Check!

Yes, I made it through my very first term of hygiene school! As long as it has already felt, I can't believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done! :)
Hey look: its me, its me!! I have now seen officially 7 patients. And I must say that there is something enthralling about hearing you instrument go "scrape" and seeing a piece of calculus come flying 3 feet into the air. Its fun. :)
I don't know why I posted this picture. I can't figure out how to delete it now that its already posted either. But yes, and Zack is here! I am no longer all by my lonesome in Wyoming. We have spent the last week trying to find him a job and an apartment, but turns out its way harder than I thought it would be. The first apartment we thought would be fantastic: until we found out it had bedbugs. The next apartment we found reeked like cigarette smoke. Last night me and Zack came up with a plan: If he doesn't get a job and an apartment within the next week, he will go back to Cali. Cross your fingers with us! We have been having lots of fun while he is here though. We are too poor to eat out lots, so we make yummy creations in my kitchen, have fun with the accessories at the mall (hence the above pictures) and we have recently become a little bit interested in the show Glee. Its nice having my best friend back. :)
Bring on term 2!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinosaurs Anyone?

So last week was my Spring Break! I got to go back to Utah, it was so good to be home! :) I forgot how busy Utah is. Despite the craziness, I still had a blast. For Monday-Thursday I just hung out with my family. Then on Friday Zack came. We watched this little beauty:
I must say...not my best movie choice. I was annoyed with the ending, but I think its one of those movies that everybody should see just so that they can say that they have seen it.

Then Saturday me and Zack decided to go to Thanksgiving Point. Me and Zack decided to educate ourselves and go to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum. We were both surprisingly impressed. They had lots of really cool dinosaurs. I wanted to upload all of my pictures because I have quite a few really cool ones, but I got tired of uploading only 5 at a time. Here are some of our pictures:

After we were done with our Dino fun we headed down to Provo and saw old friends, ate delicious food, watched silly movies, etc. Overall, it was a great weekend. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Call Me Miss Paranoid

So I don't really know exactly whats gotten into me, but recently I have become one of the most paranoid people on the planet. There is always something that I am worried about and I cant seem to stop it. Something which has been a constant worry for about the last month:
Thats right. Check out this piece of work. Beings that I live in the basement, I am coming across ALOT of these. They aren't your typical little spiders. These little babies are FAST and can built webs like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, they have also taken a liking to my little basement. The problem is, these things scare the crap out of me. When I come across one, it takes me about 15 min before I can even regain muscle function...let alone kill it. Recently there was in the corner of my bedroom where my bed is. I called Zack with a major panic attack. By the time he convinced me to get the vacuum and bring it down the stairs, it was gone. What did I do? Unlike the normal person who would forget about it and go to bed, I slept on the couch in the TV room...and lets face it...that means no sleep at all. This spider thing is a problem.
Also, these are my groovy little dental hygiene instruments. I was really enjoying working with them until I found out about Practicums. Practicums begin....tomorrow. Basically what is is 3 instructors stand over the top of you as you work on a fake patient and if you do it wrong then you fail. If you do it wrong 3 times, you get kicked out of the program. For those of you who think removing calculus is an easy task...thing again. To pass I must have the following: ergonomics, the right working end (which believe it or not IS a challenge) straight wrist, only forearm movement, while keeping my fingers glued together, while rolling the instrument around the corners of the teeth, while keeping the instrument in line with the long axis of the tooth, while maintain your fulcrum, while using your mirror. And i's way harder than it sounds. To get an idea of what its like, try jumping up and down on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your stomach while saying the ABCs backwards. I am so paranoid about failing that I am having dreams about it. Wish me luck tomorrow! :)

Also, today i found something in my car that looked just like a Cigarette Butt. When I saw it I immediately assumed that somebody was smoking in my car and dropped it. Why do i jump to these ridiculous conclusions? Nobody in there right mind would want anything to do with my car...there is nobody dropping their cell phone or cigarette butt. I blame my paranoia on my mother.
I also am paranoid that whenever I see a sketchy man that he is going to jump/and or kill me. Are they scary? Yes. Are they going to try to attack me in the middle of the Wal Mart parking lot? probably not. This is definitely something that I need to get over because there alot of these figures in Cheyenne.

Anyway, at least Zack keeps me going. Despite my ridiculous worries, he sticks with me. Our belated Valentines was a blast and I am so glad that I have this boy. :) AND...he moves here in about about 1 more month. Somehow, i feel like that will solve most of my problems. Well....the spider problem anyway. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy...Valentines Day?

Well...normally I would have blogged about my amazing Valentines Day due to a night of romance, delcious dinners, chick flicks, and presents. Unfortuantely that was not that. What did I do? I sat in my room all night and studied for my Dental Hygiene Principals and Preventive Dentistry classes. I guess it comes with having your boyfriend live 9 hours away right?
But dont worry, he is coming again this weekend and we will just have to have a belated Valentines Day!

Other than that, I really don't have alot to blog about. I guess the highlight of my week was that I thought my car was broken into last sunday. I found a random cell phone on the back seat of my car. This was strange because beings i have no friends here, i definately haven't been giving rides. Baffeled, I immediately jumped to the assumption I was a victim of an attempted robbery, and the culprit was stupid enough to leave their cell phone. I found this terrifying, but mostly hillarious. After calling my mom and dad, they told me to hang up with them immediately and call the cops ASAP. After some investigation, turns out it was my Teachers phone who had given me a ride home in my car because i was too sick to drive on the friday 2 days before. I guess the joke was on me.
However, how it ended up on my back seat is still a mystery.

Personally, I think the stupid criminal makes a better story. Maybe I should stick with that one.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He came, He came!

After one of the longest weeks of my life, Zack came for my birthday! It was so good to see him and we really had a blast! I didn't get very many pictures, but here is what I have.

For my birthday, Zack took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse! Yum!

It was a great weekend!

Also, it has reached an all-time low of -35 degrees here. It hasn't been this low in Cheyenne since 1888! In the meantime, I am mooching off rides from lucky individuals who get to park in the garage.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One month down!

Wow! I cant believe that I have already spent a month here! The girls in the class before mine said that the time flies, and they sure weren't exaggerating. One month down!

So do you remember all those textbooks? Here are about a quarter of them in my backpack. I have learned a few life's lessons by carrying this bad boy. 1. Don't try to swing it on your will bring you down. 2. If you turn around with it on, it will knock down everything on the walls, and the unfortunate individual behind you. 3. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your back, this is golden.

Oh and this is my first letter! Yes, I finally got mail...and I was super excited. It came from my Branch President wishing me a Happy Birthday. How nice. :) Anyway, I am still not 100% trusting of the postal service here, beings that they only had to carry it about 6 miles to get it to my house.
And I know that a few of you wanted to see more of my house, so here begins our house tour. First things first, the freezer. I think that any current or previous college student can appreciate this sight. Remember when I said that I needed crock pot recipes? Yeah, I wasn't joking...

My living room. My roommate is in the process of repainting it.
My kitchen! I love love love the bar. I am quite a fan of my little kitchen.
My shower. Pretty sure its 2x2.
My bathroom. Its not a whole lot of counter space....But I it has some good potential to it.
And thats about all thats left of my little house. Its not much, and other than the many creepy sounds that it makes at night, I am growing to really like it.

And a little update, Zack comes for my birthday in 2 days! Not sure what we are going to do in Cheyenne, since the only places that I know are the launder-mat and Wal Mart, but I need to get to know this city anyway.
Also, you know you have been in the dental hygiene program for a month when you start having nightmares about teeth.
One month down, 15 to go!