Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One month down!

Wow! I cant believe that I have already spent a month here! The girls in the class before mine said that the time flies, and they sure weren't exaggerating. One month down!

So do you remember all those textbooks? Here are about a quarter of them in my backpack. I have learned a few life's lessons by carrying this bad boy. 1. Don't try to swing it on your will bring you down. 2. If you turn around with it on, it will knock down everything on the walls, and the unfortunate individual behind you. 3. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your back, this is golden.

Oh and this is my first letter! Yes, I finally got mail...and I was super excited. It came from my Branch President wishing me a Happy Birthday. How nice. :) Anyway, I am still not 100% trusting of the postal service here, beings that they only had to carry it about 6 miles to get it to my house.
And I know that a few of you wanted to see more of my house, so here begins our house tour. First things first, the freezer. I think that any current or previous college student can appreciate this sight. Remember when I said that I needed crock pot recipes? Yeah, I wasn't joking...

My living room. My roommate is in the process of repainting it.
My kitchen! I love love love the bar. I am quite a fan of my little kitchen.
My shower. Pretty sure its 2x2.
My bathroom. Its not a whole lot of counter space....But I it has some good potential to it.
And thats about all thats left of my little house. Its not much, and other than the many creepy sounds that it makes at night, I am growing to really like it.

And a little update, Zack comes for my birthday in 2 days! Not sure what we are going to do in Cheyenne, since the only places that I know are the launder-mat and Wal Mart, but I need to get to know this city anyway.
Also, you know you have been in the dental hygiene program for a month when you start having nightmares about teeth.
One month down, 15 to go!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Woes of Wyoming

I consider myself a pretty optimistic person. However, every once in a while life with catch up to me. Today is one of those days.
1. I went to a launder-mat today. It was super sketchy and looked like it had HIV written all over it. I spent most of the time contemplating if my clothes would come out cleaner or dirtier. Also, it cost $2 for one load in a washer, and a quarter for every 7 min in the dryer. I also had a little situation with the bleach...don't know if I am going to use that launder-mat or bleach ever again.
2. I don't get mail here for some reason. I have had several people try to send me stuff and I haven't gotten any of it. So if you need to send me will probably have to drive at least 8 hours for me to get it.
3. Because I don't get mail, I never got my debit card. Wells Fargo's solution: Send me another debit card in the mail. Seriously?
4. As I was out and about I had a lady tell me today that I look like I definitely don't belong here. Still not sure how to take that.
5. I am getting really sick of Toastino's Pizzas and Lean pockets. I have a crock-pot and would love to start using it. If anybody has any yummy crockpot recipes, or any easy recipes at all, I would seriously love you.

On a happier note, Zack is coming in 6 days for my birthday!!! Wahoo!

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I promise I don't do this that often.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wyoming Life

My last picture with my mom before when she dropped me off in Wyoming. Does it look like I was sobbing my eyes out? Because I totally was.
This is my new look. I seriously wear scrubs ALL THE TIME NOW! I am forgetting what it feels like to wear jeans. On the bright side, if I gain 20 pounds, i don't think anybody would ever notice...
My View that I look at every time I look outside. At least in this picture there is no snow! :)
My textbooks that I have literally sold my soul and bank account to. Goodbye life, see you in a year and a half!

And last but not least, by bedroom. I spend 50% of my life at the school, and the remaining 50% in here. This is about the only place in Cheyenne that I know.

Many of you are probably wondering why I choose Wyoming to do Dental Hygiene School. Here are the reasons:
1. BYU-Idaho doesn't have a dental hygiene program
2. I finished my Pre-Reqs in December and this program started in January; none of the other programs started until the following August.
3. Its an accelerated program. I get done in 16 months instead of 2 years! Wahoo!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It Begins!

Yes I have finally joined the blogging world! After much convincing, I figure that blogging is better than Facebook to keep people up to date with my life. Anyway, a tidbit of background, I recently moved to Wyoming and I am attending LCCC for Dental Hygiene! I came here not knowing a soul, and its been an adventure riding solo in the great state of Wyoming.
Also, I am crazy about a particular boy named Zack who attends school at BYU-Idaho, and we have been dating for about a year and a half now! However because he is in Idaho, we have been doing long distance, which has been pretty crappy. But come April he will join me in here in Wyoming! Wahoo! I just love that boy.
Anyway, thats my life in a nutshell...
It's pretty simple. :)