Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Times

Recently have been getting fairly impatient with my fellow bloggers. I noticed that nobody seems to update their blog anymore. I expressed my concerns to Zack, and he pointed out that I have been neglecting my little blog just as badly as everybody else. So, i figured it was time that I update it. Now the rest of you have to too. :)

So here what we have been up too here in Cheyenne: The weather has been improving. Sometimes. The daily snow has turned into daily rain, but every once in a while we get days full of sunshine and are just BEAUTIFUL. A couple of Saturday's ago was one of these days. Me and Zack had a fun day at the park including playing volleyball, frisbee, a picnic, and we even flew kites. The few pictures that I managed to snap were less than flattering of either of us, so you get the picture of the picnic basket instead.
And then there was Easter. It was rough not being able to celebrate easter with our families, but we tried to make the best of it. We dyed easter eggs and hid a few of our own for the other person to find. Below are pictures of our little easter egg hunt:

Oh, and what would Easter Sunday be without an inspiring Sunday at Church?
Behold the actual dying of the eggs themselves. That was probably my favorite part.

Overall, it was pretty good Easter. I guess life in Cheyenne is growing on me after all. :)