Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinosaurs Anyone?

So last week was my Spring Break! I got to go back to Utah, it was so good to be home! :) I forgot how busy Utah is. Despite the craziness, I still had a blast. For Monday-Thursday I just hung out with my family. Then on Friday Zack came. We watched this little beauty:
I must say...not my best movie choice. I was annoyed with the ending, but I think its one of those movies that everybody should see just so that they can say that they have seen it.

Then Saturday me and Zack decided to go to Thanksgiving Point. Me and Zack decided to educate ourselves and go to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum. We were both surprisingly impressed. They had lots of really cool dinosaurs. I wanted to upload all of my pictures because I have quite a few really cool ones, but I got tired of uploading only 5 at a time. Here are some of our pictures:

After we were done with our Dino fun we headed down to Provo and saw old friends, ate delicious food, watched silly movies, etc. Overall, it was a great weekend. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Call Me Miss Paranoid

So I don't really know exactly whats gotten into me, but recently I have become one of the most paranoid people on the planet. There is always something that I am worried about and I cant seem to stop it. Something which has been a constant worry for about the last month:
Thats right. Check out this piece of work. Beings that I live in the basement, I am coming across ALOT of these. They aren't your typical little spiders. These little babies are FAST and can built webs like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, they have also taken a liking to my little basement. The problem is, these things scare the crap out of me. When I come across one, it takes me about 15 min before I can even regain muscle function...let alone kill it. Recently there was in the corner of my bedroom where my bed is. I called Zack with a major panic attack. By the time he convinced me to get the vacuum and bring it down the stairs, it was gone. What did I do? Unlike the normal person who would forget about it and go to bed, I slept on the couch in the TV room...and lets face it...that means no sleep at all. This spider thing is a problem.
Also, these are my groovy little dental hygiene instruments. I was really enjoying working with them until I found out about Practicums. Practicums begin....tomorrow. Basically what is is 3 instructors stand over the top of you as you work on a fake patient and if you do it wrong then you fail. If you do it wrong 3 times, you get kicked out of the program. For those of you who think removing calculus is an easy task...thing again. To pass I must have the following: ergonomics, the right working end (which believe it or not IS a challenge) straight wrist, only forearm movement, while keeping my fingers glued together, while rolling the instrument around the corners of the teeth, while keeping the instrument in line with the long axis of the tooth, while maintain your fulcrum, while using your mirror. And i's way harder than it sounds. To get an idea of what its like, try jumping up and down on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your stomach while saying the ABCs backwards. I am so paranoid about failing that I am having dreams about it. Wish me luck tomorrow! :)

Also, today i found something in my car that looked just like a Cigarette Butt. When I saw it I immediately assumed that somebody was smoking in my car and dropped it. Why do i jump to these ridiculous conclusions? Nobody in there right mind would want anything to do with my car...there is nobody dropping their cell phone or cigarette butt. I blame my paranoia on my mother.
I also am paranoid that whenever I see a sketchy man that he is going to jump/and or kill me. Are they scary? Yes. Are they going to try to attack me in the middle of the Wal Mart parking lot? probably not. This is definitely something that I need to get over because there alot of these figures in Cheyenne.

Anyway, at least Zack keeps me going. Despite my ridiculous worries, he sticks with me. Our belated Valentines was a blast and I am so glad that I have this boy. :) AND...he moves here in about about 1 more month. Somehow, i feel like that will solve most of my problems. Well....the spider problem anyway. :)