Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy...Valentines Day?

Well...normally I would have blogged about my amazing Valentines Day due to a night of romance, delcious dinners, chick flicks, and presents. Unfortuantely that was not that. What did I do? I sat in my room all night and studied for my Dental Hygiene Principals and Preventive Dentistry classes. I guess it comes with having your boyfriend live 9 hours away right?
But dont worry, he is coming again this weekend and we will just have to have a belated Valentines Day!

Other than that, I really don't have alot to blog about. I guess the highlight of my week was that I thought my car was broken into last sunday. I found a random cell phone on the back seat of my car. This was strange because beings i have no friends here, i definately haven't been giving rides. Baffeled, I immediately jumped to the assumption I was a victim of an attempted robbery, and the culprit was stupid enough to leave their cell phone. I found this terrifying, but mostly hillarious. After calling my mom and dad, they told me to hang up with them immediately and call the cops ASAP. After some investigation, turns out it was my Teachers phone who had given me a ride home in my car because i was too sick to drive on the friday 2 days before. I guess the joke was on me.
However, how it ended up on my back seat is still a mystery.

Personally, I think the stupid criminal makes a better story. Maybe I should stick with that one.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He came, He came!

After one of the longest weeks of my life, Zack came for my birthday! It was so good to see him and we really had a blast! I didn't get very many pictures, but here is what I have.

For my birthday, Zack took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse! Yum!

It was a great weekend!

Also, it has reached an all-time low of -35 degrees here. It hasn't been this low in Cheyenne since 1888! In the meantime, I am mooching off rides from lucky individuals who get to park in the garage.