Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Cold Stone

So tonight me and Zack went to Cold stone. As our Ice cream was being made, Zack casually asked the guy "hey how much is an ice cream sandwhich?" The guys aid "well for the box its 9 dollars, but heck, I will give you a box on the house!" In shock, Zack began rejecting his kind offer because it was just too good to be true; until i cut him off saying "Zack...just accept the box!" So we got a Gotta Have It, and a box of delicious Ice cream Cookies for 4.75. What a steal right?

Zack's theory is that the guy was the manager. My theory is that it was the guys last day and just didnt care. Either way, we love cold stone. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Baby

This is my baby bird. Yes, MY baby bird. And its even cuter in real life.
He became my little pet when he tumbled out of his nest and crashed onto my driveway. I almost ran over him because he was so teeny-tiny I thought he was a rock. Upon getting out of my car and further examination i found that he was just a little ball of feathers. I fell in love with him.
Zack was kind enough to move him into my grass using a dust pan. Now he is big enough to move, he is a little hopper. In fact, he is currently he is hopping behind my window begging his mommy to feed him.

Exibit A: The begging.....look hard.

Then she does. The picture below was about 2 seconds too late of her feeding him. Then she flew away. I might be obsessed with this little bird to the point of weirdness. Nobody else would grow this attached to a bird. But heck, it gives me something to smile about every day, so I am ok with it.