Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Simple Life?

Why on earth did I make the URL of my blog "the simple life?"
There is absolutely nothing in my life that is simple.
Plus its kinda lame.

Oh well. To late now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let the Winter Begin!

Today was our first day of snow! I kept waiting to go to the library until the snow stops, until I remembered last winter....the snow never stops here.
But I have always loved the first snow of the season. I think it is so beautiful and I love getting all bundled up. I am currently sitting by a window in the library watching a ton of people pass sticking their tongues out to catch snowflakes--both kids and adults. It makes me smile. :)

Anyway, I am finally going to upload pictures of my apartment for my mom. Sorry it took me so long.
And lastly, only 1 1/2 semesters left of school for the rest of my life! Crazy...but so exciting. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sorry Mom.

Well, I'm back. Back in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Back in School. Back into land of stressors and stresseeze. I have moved into a new little duplex. Its old, but quiant. I dont have internet, so i have to mooch off of the public library or the schools library. The public library is closer, so thats usually what I do. $30 bucks a month is not worth it when i can drive 5 min. down the street.

Now, I told my mom 3 weeks ago I would put a video of my apartment on my blog.

Trust me Mom, I have tried.

Attempt 1. I took a video. Really, I did. But, after an hour and it was STILL was uploading, I decided that it was not worth my time and pictures would be almost as good.

Attempt 2. I took pictures instead and went to the library. I brought the camera....forgot the cord that connects it to the computer.

Attempt 3. Brought the cord...forgot the camera.

I am seriously loosing my mind. My whole world revolves around peridontiums, tooth structures, treatment plans, medications, radiographs, Anesthesia, and much more. So before you laugh at my stupidity, just remember, I am doing good to even remember to upload my blog. So sorry mom, you probably wont get that video for another month when I can find time to go to the library and blog again.

Until then, pray for my sanity. Adieu and adieu.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I have some pretty rocking news...I am half way done with school! Yes...only 2 more semesters until I am done with school for life! I cant wrap my head around it.

Because I am half way done, I am home for summer. Its really nice to do nothing...but its already starting to get old. To bad all of my friends either have lives or not in Utah. Sadness.

I wish I had something else really exciting to Blog about, but I really i will close with a bit of advice. Listen to the song "enchanted" by Taylor swift (or Owl City). I am obessed. I am usually not one to ever follow celebrity couples...but I have become attached to this almost-romance.

Anyway. Thats my spill. Maybe next time I will blog about something a little more exciting. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Summer For Me.

Behold...The Hail of Wyoming. The weather here never ceases to amaze me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Wyoming Fireworks

I knew Fourth of July would be pretty dang cool in Wyoming, but now i am leaning more the the word....EPIC. Not only can you buy anything your little heart desires legally, but everybody and their dog buys them too.
Then the whole state of wyoming piles together in a shooting site and lights them all off. It was truely amazing! With every step there is a firework bursting 5 feet above your head; and you think THAT gets your heart stopped/racing...until you get the ashes AND FIRE falling on your head.
At the same time, thousands of fireworks are being skyrocketed 40 feet in the air simultaneously, and sends the sky into an incredible neon ablaze.
I am doing a crappy job explaining the thrill, so its something that you will just have to experience.

Despite the large fires in the dry grass, fireworks shooting at cars and people, and the thousands of pyro-maniacs, it was definately the best firework experience of my life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Cold Stone

So tonight me and Zack went to Cold stone. As our Ice cream was being made, Zack casually asked the guy "hey how much is an ice cream sandwhich?" The guys aid "well for the box its 9 dollars, but heck, I will give you a box on the house!" In shock, Zack began rejecting his kind offer because it was just too good to be true; until i cut him off saying "Zack...just accept the box!" So we got a Gotta Have It, and a box of delicious Ice cream Cookies for 4.75. What a steal right?

Zack's theory is that the guy was the manager. My theory is that it was the guys last day and just didnt care. Either way, we love cold stone. :)