Friday, September 23, 2011

Sorry Mom.

Well, I'm back. Back in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Back in School. Back into land of stressors and stresseeze. I have moved into a new little duplex. Its old, but quiant. I dont have internet, so i have to mooch off of the public library or the schools library. The public library is closer, so thats usually what I do. $30 bucks a month is not worth it when i can drive 5 min. down the street.

Now, I told my mom 3 weeks ago I would put a video of my apartment on my blog.

Trust me Mom, I have tried.

Attempt 1. I took a video. Really, I did. But, after an hour and it was STILL was uploading, I decided that it was not worth my time and pictures would be almost as good.

Attempt 2. I took pictures instead and went to the library. I brought the camera....forgot the cord that connects it to the computer.

Attempt 3. Brought the cord...forgot the camera.

I am seriously loosing my mind. My whole world revolves around peridontiums, tooth structures, treatment plans, medications, radiographs, Anesthesia, and much more. So before you laugh at my stupidity, just remember, I am doing good to even remember to upload my blog. So sorry mom, you probably wont get that video for another month when I can find time to go to the library and blog again.

Until then, pray for my sanity. Adieu and adieu.

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